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About KDUR

Our Mission

KDUR, volunteer-powered community radio, creates a bridge between Fort Lewis College and La Plata County, offering diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs programming. KDUR provides educational and training opportunities in a professional setting for Fort Lewis College students and community members.

About Our DJ's

KDUR DJ's are the backbone of this organization. Thousands of students and community members have come through KDUR, bringing you the variety of music you've come to love. Some DJ's go onto have careers in radio, but many don't. The just love to play music, learn about new music, and bring the listeners and community new music. Our youngest DJ's are teenagers; our oldest over 60. They are the reason KDUR remains one of the most diverse stations in the nation.

Board of Directors

Douglas DuPont - Student DJ Representative- elected Fall 2016, one year term. BOARD VICE PRESIDENT

Dave Kerns -  FLC Staff Representative, re-elected Fall 2016, two year term.

Tony Holmquist - FLC Faculty Representative, re-elected Fall 2016 , two year term.

Gail Harris - Community Representative, re-elected Fall 2016, two year term.

Erin Benson-  FLC Alumni Representative Since Fall 2016, two year term. BOARD PRESIDENT

Carson Jones - Community Representative Since Fall 2011, re-elected Fall 2015, two year term.

Bryant Liggett - KDUR Station Manager, non voting member, no terms.

Michele Malach - Associate Professor of English Communications, Fort Lewis College, KDUR Advisor Representative, no terms. 

Mark Mastalski - Director of the Terry Bacon Leadership Center at Fort Lewis College, non voting member, no terms.

Avery Martinez - ASFLC Representative, one year term. Re-elected Fall 2016. BOARD SECRETARY

Carter Solomon - Non Student DJ Representative- elected Fall 2016, one year term.

Board Meetings are usually the third Thursday of every month. They are open to the public, and we encourage listeners and community members to come and participate. THE NEXT BOARD MEETING will be Thursday November 17th, 5:00 p.m. at KDUR, room 130 in the Ballantine Media Center, in the Student Union at Fort Lewis College. For more information on these meetings call station manager Bryant Liggett, 970.247.7261.



KDUR'S FCC License is held by the Fort Lewis College Board of Trustees. Members of the Fort Lewis College Board of Trustees are listed below. Information on the Board of Trustees meetings will be posted and announced when KDUR is on the agenda. If you need Board of Trustees information email station manager Bryant Liggett,

Connor Cafferty- Student Representative

Alan Hill- Voting Member

Ernest House Jr- Secretary/Treasurer, Voting Member

Nora Jacquez- Voting Member

Thomas R. Schilling- Voting Member

Steven R. Short- Vice Chair, Voting Member

Michal Valdez- FLC Faculty Representative

John M Wells- Voting Member

Karen Wilde- Chair, Voting Member

35 Years in Your Ears

KDUR CPB Compliance

2015 Financials - if you would like a copy of KDUR Annual Financials email Station Manager Bryant Liggett, Other financial information located at KDUR, room 134 of KDUR in the Ballantine Media Center. All information is available on request.

KDUR 2014-2015 Station Activity Survey

Local Content and Services Report for year ending June 30, 2015- Telling KDUR's Story

KDUR/FLC Diversity Statement 2016

KDUR Compliance Documentation 2016

Form 990