Jonas Grushkin

Jonas Grushkin

Jonas Grushkin is a professional photographer, piano player, carpenter and jack of many trades. His lifetime of combining these different roles has drawn him to reimagining, redefining and repurposing material objects. 

To repurpose an object has been the focus and fascination of jonas’s work as a furniture maker from early on. His influence started off early as his father would create table lamps out of old carpenter's wood planes. Making the most of found objects and using them to create art objects or practical machines has been a theme in the creation of his homestead here in Durango. Jonas’s love for playing piano has also found him recycling pianos, gutting them and turning them into dining room serving furniture.    

He has repurposed a 1900’s Guild Church Horizontal Parlor Grand into lamps using its legs, the body of the piano into an antique display and wine holder, that hangs on a wall in his dining room.The piano pedals used in the side table, made for this years auction come from that piano.  

Jonas welcomes conversation from any one who wishes to turn a family heirloom into a practical use object and display in their home. His website: www.grushkin.com displays many of his creations at his home “TheRim”. 

He can be reached at jonas@grushkin.com and 970-259-2718