Deb Greenblatt and Ed Bolster

Deb Greenblatt and Ed Bolster

One of the best times of the year in Durango is Spring Cleanup. For those of us that make art from recycled objects, the cleanup is a treasure trove. I, Debra, gathered various parts on my bicycle and Ed used his skills to assemble a chair out of these bits and pieces. Continuing in a long standing Furniture as Art tradition of painting objects with designs inspired by famous artists, this chair pays homage to Piet Mondrian. May you sit on it and find your muse.


For many decades, Debra and Ed have been collaborating on art pieces in multiple mediums. Be it performance ceramics or dumpster painting, they delight in seeing art in all things -especially in unexpected places.


Debra Greenblatt

Easy Eddy Bolster