Chris Haas

Chris Haas

Chris Haas uses animal skulls and mixed media to create unique sculptures, combining his passions for both nature and art. His work is an evolutionary result of years, collecting skulls and using them in different forms of art. Haas’s work simultaneously conveys a sense of impermanence and rebirth. His use of classic elements intertwined with an otherwordly dark overtone gives the impression of a timeless mystique. The pieces could be reminiscent of an ancient era long since passed, or perhaps from an infinitely distant future. The artist feels that there is a satisfying freedome in creating work that could exist from any time and any place or reality. 

Haas’s approach towards his work is based on an utmost respect and admiration for the animals once living within the materials that are on his canvas. With this reverence, he meticulously embellishes and adorns each skull; enriched with deep colors, textures, jeweled third eyes and intricate designs. However, even throughout these modifications you can still see an echo of the creatures that previously existed, which is an important factor to truly admiring Haas’s work. Acknowledging the roots of every sculpture creates a further respect for the process each piece of art has gone through. 

Haas is a self-taught artist originally from Hays, Kansas, and now lives with his family in SW CO. His work has been exhibited and collected internationally.