Featured Artists & Bio Auction Piece (click photo for a larger view)
Tim Kapustka and Mervin (right)

Tim Kapustka is a graphic designer and artist living in Durango, Colorado. The son of  two teachers (science & 2nd grade), he has a solid grasp on 2nd grade science. He grew up on Michigan’s lower peninsula in the shadow of a Vlasic pickle plant. By day, Tim runs Cabbage Creative, a full service design firm and is a founding member of Studio & in Durango. When not at work Tim enjoys spending time with his growing hammer collection and standing waist deep in the rivers of Southwest Colorado. He has above average peripheral vision.

To see Tim's piece go to

Studio &

1027 Main Ave.

Durango, CO 81301

McCarson L. Jones

McCarson L. Jones a country girl with a cosmopolitan eye. Born in North Carolina, raised in Texas and polished in Paris and the great cities of the U.S.A. and beyond, she’s traveled the globe, camera in hand. Equal parts tomboy, Southern Belle and no-nonsense businesswoman, Carson, as she’s known to friends, has grown her Red Scarf Shots photography business into a premier Fine Art Photography showpiece, out of pure passion and serious love of working with people. 

piece go to :

To see this piece go to:

Urban Market

865 Main Ave.

Durango, CO 81301

Bella and Bryan Saren

A daughter, a daddy, a super human duo of artists and sculptors!


To see Bryan and Bella's piece go to: 
Brew, 117 W. College Drive, Durango

Hardison L. Collins III

Hardison L. Collins III is a semi-retired dad, husband, musician, and R-teest.  His works consist of prints on discard books pages, glue, and paint.  he resides in the all-natural meth wasteland of the Mancos Valley. www.hardisoncollins.tumblr.com

This is a silent Auction Piece

Tom Hahl
Colorado native Tom Hahl has been working wood in the four corners for 8 years; first as the master carpenter at the Strater Hotel, now for himself as Tom Hahl Woodworks.  After "apprenticing" with Charlie Schumacher he has gone on to create many pieces of artisanal furniture that are enjoyed by private collectors and visitors to both the Strater Hotel, and Substratum Gallery.  By sculpting his furniture he is able to convey a sense of essential timelessness in his pieces that while understated, and ultimately useful, is still breathtaking.  his furniture will stand the test of time.  This is his fifth year contributing to the Furniture As Art auction for KDUR.  You can see his works at the Strater Hotel, Substratum Gallery and on Facebook at "Tom Hahl Woodworks".  He is also available for commissioned works.

To see Tom's piece:

Strater Hotel

699 Main Avenue

Durango, Co 81301

John Ford

Based out of Durango, Colorado, scavenger John Ford cleanses the four corners region of rusted and unwanted goods.  With wife and two daughters in tow, no piece of refuse is left unturned in pursuit of post-armagothic bliss.

To see Jon's piece go to:
Maria's bookshop, 960 Main Avenue

Jules Masterjohn

Jules Masterjohn is an occasional visual artist who has been passionately working in the arts for over 35 years. Her convictions have taken her from coast to coast practicing the professions of arts administrator, educator, curator, visual artist, writer and documentary filmmaker as well as a consultant offering services to artists, businesses, and social profit organizations. While maintaining an active professional life, Jules continues to investigate her creative process through engagement in mixed media sculpture and collage. She considers her work ‘visual poetry’ and uses found objects and materials to create associations that stimulate reflection on the nature of being human. She earned a B.A. in Studio Art from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and an M.F.A. from California State University in Long Beach.

To see Jule's piece go to:
No Place Like Home, 822 Main Avenue

Debra Greenblatt


"I have lived in Durango for the past twenty years because it's beauty inspires me, its sense of community puts a smile on my face along with a warm feeling in my heart, and a great volunteer powered radio station, KDUR, provides the tunes to get the muse dancing. For the past few years I have been involved with increasing community awareness to more types of  public art, so I started the Dumpster Beautification Project.  The DBP is a community-based non-profit that brings together local artists, at-risk youth, and people of all ages to design and paint WCA dumpsters. The project brings art to unexpected places and gives artists a forum to show their work. I bring you a household size dumpster inspired by some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Paint on". ~Debra Greenblatt

To see Debra's art piece go to: Eno 732 E. 2nd Ave. Durango

Deb Morgan

Is a multi-medium kitschy artist, bartender, bookkeeper, event coordinator by day... traveling corn peddler by night.

this 24" x 64" recycled metal office storage cabinet project was originally started for last years auction but i just couldn't pull it together until i found the final paper that made it all work....one of my birthday presents was wrapped in it. it is totally covered inside and out with paper...check out the inside at the auction.

To see Deb's piece go to

Blue Boutique, 651 Main Avenue, Durango

Lisa Pedolsky

"I’m back in the U.S.A. after seven weeks in Chile. Four were spent as artist-in-residence at Centro de Arte Curaumilla; three were spent wandering the countryside. Now I’m back in the studio with my muse perched on my shoulder, whispering in my ear - in Spanish, of course". ~ Lisa Pedolsky


To see Lisa's art piece go to:

Tea Room & Gallery

820 Main Ave.

Durango, CO 81301

Amy Felker

"Always one with joy. Showing my soul through colors- wishing to make smiles. About my piece- Taking something old to bring Joy to someone new.” . ~ Amy Felker


Crystal Hartman

"An artist and jeweler, I create mischievous delights... whimsical, carnal, sculptural pieces that grow from a meditation on beauty, compassion and jubilant life. In the fingerprints of Gaudi, Bali, Dali, I aim to awaken the foxy sincerity that revolts from symmetry and flourishes in genuine experience". ~Crystal Hartman

 See Crystals piece at Beads and Beyond, 840 Main Avenue.

Jennifer Lyndes

"While considering taking up beekeeping, I decided to contribute an item to the KDUR "Furniture As Art" auction. I spend a lot of time eating, sleeping, reading, cooking, and listening to the radio. I chose to contribute to this event because I consider it to be one of the noblest (and funniest) fundraising events in town". ~Jennifer Lyndes

 To see Jennifer's piece go to,
Blue Boutique, 651 Main Avenue Durango

Miki Harder

"I heard rumor that there was a push to RE-Create furniture, rather than start from scratch.  Phew!!  I'm a lousy carpenter.  So thank you to Steamworks for throwing away old bar stools ( they said it was okay to take them.. and thank you to Amy F.V. for storing them for a few years!)............. I am happy to scribe my favorite bird on whatever material presents itself".  

Miki Harder is mostly cartoonist, wanna be biologist, sculptor and weird in a good way. She gets to smear, squish and bang in her studio in Southwest Colorado.

 To see Miki's piece, go to
Animas Trading CO, 1015 Main Avenue

Scott Smith

A member of the Durango creative community for over 20 years known for a profession in creative photography creating living sculpture inspired by life in Durango. A steadfast supporter of KDUR since 1988.



Maureen May

A chess table and pieces (the fourth one I have created for Furniture as Art). It is titled "Geometric Distribution", based on a mathematical term, of which I don't have a clue as to how it works. I just like the way it sounds and the way the words interact, particularly as they relate to the the design of the table and pieces, and how a chess game is played.


Taylor Green

My Name is Taylor Keith Green, and I have always thought and think that art was and is cool.


Craig Erickson

I Moved to Durango with my lovely wife Terri back in 1994.  Can't imagine living any where else. I found my passion was building furniture and cabinetry and started doing it full time 8 years ago.  I enjoy mountain biking, camping, fly fishing, beer, and all my great friends.  I'm happy to donate to KDUR.

To see Craig's piece go to

Open Shutter Gallery, 735 Main Avenue Durango


Shay Lopez

Shay Lopez is an artist and writer living in Durango.  His work is created in and always on display at Studio &.  He is a lover, not a fighter.  


Andrew Barber

Andrew Barber is a builder and owner of the CounterKULTURE Concrete Studio.  When not at the shop he can usually be found on his bike or in the band room yapping into the microphone.  


Scott Harris

Scott Harris previous KDUR DJ and Durango resident, now residing in Telluride. Scott has studied painting and drawing at North Texas, and has worked in various media over the past years. Currently he is working towards creating an artists collective, advancing painting techniques, and continuing new work in sculpture including lighting and electronics. www.wedreamofrobots.com  


Dan Groth

Dan Groth was born and raised within the vicinity of Boulder/Longmont, CO, in the savagely-named, yet sleepy, community of Gunbarrel. He went to Luther College in Ecorah, IA, where he studied archaeology and pursued various creative endeavors, scholastically and extracurricular-like. After graduating with a B.A. In 1998, he touched down in Durango, CO—his off-and-on home for most of the years since—one major exception being a 6-year stint in Portland, OR (2004-10). 


Jeff and Susan Wise

Jeff and Susan Wise are long time contributors to KDUR's Furniture As Art.

To see Jeff and Susan's piece visit:

Diane West Gallery

934 Main Ave.

Durango, CO 81301

Elizabeth Kinahan 

Elizabeth Kinahan is a representational oil painter depicting the flora and fauna of the American west. Through passionately rendered images, she exposes the soul of each subject, and reflected within it, the soul of mankind. The work thereby creates an implied narrative, with animal as storyteller, and where man is at once hero and villain. 


Mike Brieger

Contributor to Furniture as Art since the beginning. Fan of KDUR for that long too…….


Monica McManus

Raised in Durango, attended Durango High School and Fort Lewis College, loves KDUR.


Rob Middleton

Long time KDUR supporter and sometimes early morning DJ.


Scott Dye

Scott Dye is an artist who creates serious drawings and illustrations of Presidents and dangerous political leaders in an absurdist fashion with pens and watercolor. He also paints large colorful pictures of animals with oils and small philosophically minded pictures with acrylic. He lives in Durango with his photographer girlfriend (who gives him all of his best ideas) and little white dog named Boxcar. He is not (nor ever was) afraid of heights.


Shannon Cruisen

Title: "At least she will like your hats"

Medium: A street sign from undisclosed location, table, photos.

Art objects are best found in ditches and alleyways. Sometimes they end up back in their places of origin, but for a time they are to be observed with... curiosity. Shannon Cruise is a local artist and teacher who has a fondness for things riddled with tetanus and half buried.


Tom Kipp

Thomas Kipp, age 38, is a ten- year resident of Durango and a six-time participant in FAA. Tattooer, photographer and etc.


Beck Turner

Becky Turner is a local artist and a Fort Lewis College Graduate. A few years after college, she was hired on as a silversmith apprentice for Valarie and Benny Aldrich, whom she worked with for 11 years. She and her husband own Zia Taqueria. When not in the restaurant, she has “fun” in her home studio crating jewelry, using silver, copper, gold and natural stones.


Kris Hickox

I grew up in New Orleans under the influence of beautiful women with a penchant for great design - my mother and grandmother. My grandmother told me once, that all you need to be truly dressed is a clutch, red lipstick and a crisp white blouse. My family moved to the southwest when I was starting high school and my interest in fashion shifted to a deep appreciation of designs found in nature. I went to school for graphic design and embarked on a career as an art director for firms in Oregon and Colorado. For the past 20 years I have been the principal owner in a successful creative and marketing firm, Pool Creative. Not too very long ago, I embraced a new endeavor, melding my creative vision with years of experience in design, branding and marketing, to create my own personal line of jewelry. Shedding old ways, continuing to grow, emerging with a vibrant new coat, and wrapping my mind and my self around this new venture. SERPENTINE. 


Brian Simmonds

Brian is Fort Lewis College Alumni, part of the dumpster beautification project, and made the promotional materials for Furniture As Art in 2010. www.brianraymondsimmonds.com


Lorna Meaden

My work is soda fired porcelain. It begins with the consideration of function, and the goal is for the form and surface of the pots to be interdependent. Making the work starts with a three dimensional division of space, continues with drawing on the surface, and finishes with the addition of color. New ideas are gradually incorporated into previous bodies of work through making. Source information for my pots can be motivated by something as simple as looking at the patterns in the stacked bricks of my kiln to something as complex as the forms in 18th century European manufactured silver. I experience the evolution of my work through creative repetition in the studio.