Featured Artists & Bio Auction Piece (click photo for a larger view)
Mary Ellen Long
Mary Ellen Long was born in Los Angeles, California and lived in North San Diego County for 22 years.  A multi-media artist  who now lives in Durango, Colorado, (over 30 years)her work includes mixed media drawing and assemblage, collage, indoor and outdoor environmental installations, and artists’ books. 
She is represented by the Lora Schlesinger Gallery in Los Angeles 
and the artists’ book dealer Vamp and Tramp. A good way to find out about her current projects is her blog

To view this art piece go to:

No Place Like Home

820 Main Avenue

Tim Kapustka and Mervin (right)

Tim Kapustka is a graphic designer and artist living in Durango, Colorado. The son of  two teachers (science & 2nd grade), he has a solid grasp on 2nd grade science. He grew up on Michigan’s lower peninsula in the shadow of a Vlasic pickle plant. By day, Tim runs Cabbage Creative, a full service design firm and is a founding member of Studio & in Durango. When not at work Tim enjoys spending time with his growing hammer collection and standing waist deep in the rivers of Southwest Colorado. He has above average peripheral vision.

To view Tim Kapustka art piece go to:

Studio &

1027 Main Avenue

McCarson L. Jones

McCarson L. Jones a country girl with a cosmopolitan eye. Born in North Carolina, raised in Texas and polished in Paris and the great cities of the U.S.A. and beyond, she’s traveled the globe, camera in hand. Equal parts tomboy, Southern Belle and no-nonsense businesswoman, Carson, as she’s known to friends, has grown her Red Scarf Shots photography business into a premier Fine Art Photography showpiece, out of pure passion and serious love of working with people. 

To view McCarson Jones's art piece go to :

Urban Market

865 Main Avenue

Ron and Carol Ozaki

Ron and Carol have been lovers and collaborators for over 33 years.  They have made everything from boys to bathrooms and love to support KDUR.
You can call see this at Beads and Beyond.

Craig Erickson

Craig Erickson moved to Durango with my lovely wife Terri back in 1994.  He can't imagine living any where else.  "I found my passion was building furniture and cabinetry and started doing it full time 8 years ago.  I enjoy mountain biking, camping, fly fishing, beer, and all my great friends.  I'm happy to donate to KDUR".

To view Craig Erickson's art piece, go to:

Maria's Bookshop

960 Main Avenue

Ilze Aviks

Ilze Aviks (BFA, Painting and Art History University of Kansas; MFA Fibers Colorado State University) has maintained a studio in Durango, CO for over 30 years and has taught workshops in textile design across the United States, Australia and Canada.  Schools include Fort Lewis College, Penland, Arrowmont, Maiwa, Portland School of Art, University of Minnesota, and the Kansas City Art Institute.  Aviks has contributed essays and reviews to Fiberarts and Surface Design Journal, and Telos Books.  Aviks’ tapestries and stitched cloth are included in numerous public and private collections including Kaiser Permanente, Lore International, AT&T, and the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia.  Aviks’ work has been exhibited widely; national exhibitions include Fiberart International, Chautauqua International, Vahki,  and Materials Hard and Soft.  In addition to the upcoming Colorado Textiles exhibit (Foothills Arts Center), Aviks' work is currently included in the two-year traveling exhibition, "Legends and Innovators", (Muskegon Museum, Michigan).  A portfolio of work and a teaching schedule can be viewed at www.ilzeaviks.com

To view Ilze Aviks art piece you can go to:

Dancing Willow

1810 Main Avenue # A

Tom Hahl

Tom Hahl has been making and repairing furniture at the Strater for the last seven years. "This is my forth year contributing to Furniture as Art".

"The Strater keeps my focus on more period designs, so its always fun to make something more non traditional for the auction".

"Come see my other projects at the Strater, we love to show off the hotel".

To view Tom Hahl's art piece go to:

 Strater Hotel

699 Main Avenue

Amy Felker

"Chairs are not only for sitting

but doing as well"  ~ Amy Felker

To view Amy Felker's art piece go to:

Maria's Bookshop

960 Main Avenue

Bryan Saren

Bryan Saren has been a part of KDUR Furniture As Art Auction since 2010

Thomas Kipp

Thomas Kipp born 1975.
Colorado native.

Full-time Durango resident and KDUR listener since 2003.

Occasional KDUR disk jockey. 

To view Tom Kipp's art piece go to:

Lost Dog

1150 Main Avenue

Deb Morgan

Deb Morgan Is a multi-medium kitschy artist, bartender, bookkeeper, event coordinator by day... traveling corn peddler by night.

To view Deb Morgan's art piece go to:

Blu Boutique

651 Main Avenue

Andrew Barber

Andrew Barber is a builder and owner of the CounterKULTURE Concrete Studio.  When not at the shop he can usually be found on his bike or in the band room yapping into the microphone.

Debra Greenblatt

Debra Greenblatt has lived in Durango for the past twenty years, "because it's beauty inspires me, its sense of community puts a smile on my face along with a warm feeling in my heart, and a great volunteer powered radio station, KDUR, provides the tunes to get the muse dancing. For the past few years I have been involved with increasing community awareness to more types of  public art, so I started the Dumpster Beautification Project.  The DBP is a community-based non-profit that brings together local artists, at-risk youth, and people of all ages to design and paint WCA dumpsters. The project brings art to unexpected places and gives artists a forum to show their work. In the spirit of the Dumpster Beautification project, I bring you a household size dumpster inspired by some of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Paint on".

To view Debra Greenblatt go to:


700 Block East 2nd Avenue

Lisa Pedolsky

I've been a contributing artist to KDUR's Furniture as Art fundraiser for over a decade. Why? Because I value community radio, KDUR values community, and our community values the arts. Everybody wins.

Buy your tickets early. Bring your friends. Have a great time. Bid generously so you can leave with an original work or art.

Lisa Pedolsky,ceramic artist  www.lisapedolsky.com

To view Lisa Pedolsky's art piece go to:

No Place Like Home

820 Main Avenue


The Tea Room

Scott Smith

Scott Smith is a member of the Durango creative community for over 20 years.  He is  known for a profession in creative photography, creating living sculpture.  Always inspired by life in Durango.  A steadfast supporter of KDUR since 1988.


To view Scott Smith art piece go to:

Natures Oasis

300 South Camino Del Rio

Miki Harder

I heard rumor that there was a push to RE-Create furniture, rather than start from scratch.  Phew!!  I'm a lousy carpenter.  So thank you to Steamworks for throwing away old bar stools ( they said it was okay to take them.. and thank you to Amy F.V. for storing them for a few years!).............I am happy to scribe my favorite bird on whatever material presents itself.

Miki Harder is mostly cartoonist, wanna be biologist, sculptor and weird in a good way.  She gets to smear, squish and bang in her studio in Southwest Colorado.

To view Miki Harder piece go to:

Animas Trading Company

1015 Main Avenue

Jeff Madeen

Title: Look at you

You are a fully conscious human being from the planet called earth


I have always questioned systems that diminish the power of the individual

I do not believe that government has any solutions for our problems, it is a system

invented by the rulers six thousand years a go. Every Government (From Latin; mente, mind= mind control) in recorded history has failed. Ours is failing at the speed of light because we are in a trance and refuse to believe in ourselves and the power each of us has.  I’m an anarchist, what is the definition? From the Greek “Without rulers” No rulers no slaves We may be ruled by this system:

Kakist ocracy-
Rule by the stupid; a system of governance where the worst or
least-qualified citizens govern or dictate policies. Due to human
nature being inherently flawed, it has been suggested that every
government which has ever existed has been a prime example
of kakistocracy. See Idiocracy

To view Jeff Madeen art piece go to:

Open Shutter

735 Main Avenue

Mike Brieger

Contributor to Furniture as Art since the beginning.

Fan of KDUR for that long too…….

Shay Lopez

Shay M. Lopez is an artist and writer living in Durango.  His work is created in and always on display at Studio &.  He is a lover, not a fighter.  

John Ford

John Ford, local green builder- Silent Auction!

Becky Turner

Becky Turner- Silent Auction!

Is a local artist and a Fort Lewis College Graduate.  A few years after college, she was hired on as a silversmith apprentice for Valarie and

Benny Aldrich, whom she worked with for 11 years.  She and her husband own Zia Taqueria.  When not in the restaurant, she has “fun” in her home studio crating jewelry, using silver, copper, gold and natural stones.

For KDUR silent auction, Becky has created a Pendant.